To its members, VITA ACTIVA ORCHESTRA activity is a form of continuous education, and at the same time it is fullfilling adulthood in socially important activities, which gain recognition and respect. Participation in orchestra activity
helps to discover new areas of activity, in which new abilities are being shaped or improved. During trainings and concerts members of the orchestra have to cope with numerous non-musical tasks, as far as possible on their own.

Motto of the program expresses its essence:
“Through art to self-reliance”

Except artistic and personal goals the main purpose of the program is to integrate people raising children with mental disability. Shaping social opinion through performances, promulgating the attitude of being open to family problems, members of which
are persons with disabilities and understanding the needs of the people with intelectual disabilities. One of the goals of OVA activity is to popularize provisions of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, especially 30th article of this Convention, which is about access to culture for those people.