Organization of the concert

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The basic organizational conditions concert OVA:

VITA ACTIVA ORCHESTRA performs at the invitation of nonprofit organizations, governments, businesses and individuals. Orchestra concerts are traditional, close to the Convention in symphonic orchestra concerts. Mostly orchestra performs at various kinds of events, complementing with music scientific conferences, symposiums,
festivals, reviews, awards galas, giving them the appropriate artistic setting.

Concert Hall
Orchestra concert can not take place in the open air, neither can it under a roof. Dimensions of stage or specially prepared area: optimally – width of 10 m, a depth of 10 m (or more), minimum: 9m x 9m = 81 m2.
Orchestra brings its own complete equipment necessary to play at the concert. Most preferably, the orchestra presents its program in the auditory halls.

Preparation for the concert
The orchestra needs two hours to bring, unpack, assemble and deploy instruments – preferably in the room, where the concert will take place. After deploying occurs organizational attempt, which ends 30 minutes before the concert.

The course of the concert
The performance of the orchestra is a concert of pure music to listen to. The orchestra is not a dance band, nor it is playing during games, competitions, or at the time of consumption. The orchestra performs works from its repertoire, selected and played in order determined by conductor. In cases, when there is a need, Orchestra invites professional artists to collaborate. The duration of the concert and the repertoire is ultimately
determined with the organizers before the arrival of the orchestra. Performance of the whole program takes up to 1 hour without interruption. Hosted by orchestra announcer.

Sound system
The orchestra plays on acoustic instruments. In the halls up to 400 people sound system of the orchestra is unnecessary, except for microphones for announcements.

Financial conditions of the concert
Organizational costs cover (transport of people and equipment, accommodation and stay costs). The orchestra itself hires coach after inviting institution approves travel cost calculation, which is prepared by the transport company. Possible agreement on the concert implementation – the amount to be determined. We prepare invoices. In special cases, the orchestra can perform the concert, financing transport costs itself.