Mirosława Lipińska – Vita Activa Orchestra conductor, artistic director of the team.

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She has created a team from a scratch and is the author of all its artistic successes, awarded with both medals and beautiful entries to the orchestra chronicle. In 1995 she was invited by Halina Szymañska to conduct music classes in PSOUU Gdansk. In a short time she led to the creation of the artistic team. Already during the first meetings on music tour in Stawiska near Koœcierzyna, she formed a team, which today operates as Vita Activa Orchestra. Conductor work with orchestra is based on writing arrangements of pieces in a way, that each member of the team could play his part completely alone, but in the same time he would be able to reach the next stage of artistic advancement.

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Program – through art to self-reliance – turned out to be a phenomenon not only in the realm of music and teaching. It is also extremely supporting factor for the development of social behavior. In each concert, the members of the Orchestra’s with their own image certify, that also disabled, with appriopriate, kind and professional support, reveals still undiscovered possibilities and apply them appropriately in teamwork. To be an artist, to have real instruments, to be aware of performing works, to have the audience and collect the applause means to become new again and again, in yourself and for the others.

This is Halina Szymańska – Vice-President of the Management Board PSOUU Gdansk, the initiator of the band creation.

Special congratulations to the conductor of the Orchestra, the atmosphere which orchestra creates is unique. You are great!  Congratulations –

Teresa Serafin – MENiS – Warszawa