Entries to the Chronicle

Thank you for a wonderful concert. Congratulations and words of admiration.-
prof. Zbigniew Kwiecinski – President of the Polish Society of Education,
PAN Member-Correspondent

Phenomenal show. Thank you very much.-
prof. Alexander Nalaskowski – Dean of the UMK Faculty of Pedagogical

I am a music lover. Thats why I am grateful even more for a wonderful
concert and spiritual feast.
(…) UAM

Warm gratitude, I’m impressed by the Great and True Work. As a Chair of the
Organizing Committee
of Teaching I thank whole Orchestra, Conductor and Manager for the effort of
coming to us
– a great mission and honor for us. See you next time!
prof. Maria Marta Urlinska

Brilliant animators and creators universally important idea of ??reaching
for a new life through music and (…),
the creative community and the wonderful performers great big thanks and
prof. Lech Witkowski

With great respect and admiration listened to the concert Vita Activa Group.
It’s music and its performance turns orchestra into an incredible (…)
giving the possibility of survival and (…) to both performers and the
I admire the work.