Description of technical and organizational

Description of technical and organizational terms and conditions of performance of the Orchestra Vita Activa


  • The band consists of 35-40 people.
  • Among the band there aren’t any people on wheelchairs.
  • All members of the band are adults.

Preparation to the concert

Bandstand- surface and time of preparation

  • A concert of the orchestra cannot be held outdoor, also under a roofing
  • Size of a bandstand:
    • 12mx12m or more, minimum- 10mx10m (100m2 for 35 people and 25 instruments).
    • The bandstand should be empty- without a piano, podium, other bands equipment nor large parts of a scenography.
    • The orchestra brings its own equipment needed to perform a concert (including chairs).
  • The orchestra needs 2 hours to prepare instruments in the concert place.
  • After the deployment of the instruments 10-minute long rehearsal takes place- placing soloists, determining an entrance and an exit, testing a microphone etc.
  • The preparation ends 30 minutes before a concert, thus early availability of the concert-room is necessary.

Bandstand- sound system

  • The orchestra uses acoustic instruments. In auditorium containing up to 400 people no sound system is needed.
  • One microphone is needed for announcer of the concert and, alternatively, one for an invited soloist.

Bandstand- light and visualization

  • Plenty of scattered, soft, white light (reading sheet music), as in case of symphonic orchestra.
  • The orchestra can use its own light allowing better exposure, standard power supply.
  • Strobe lights nor any other pulsing lights cannot be used.
  • Projecting moving pictures at the concert is unacceptable. Projecting static picture, eg. name of the event, is permissible.

A coach

  • Securing as close approach road of the coach to the entrance of the concert-room as possible- 40 boxes with instruments must be carried.
  • If necessary- permission of entrance of the coach to the closed area (eg. the Old Town).
  • Indicating the parking spot of the coach.

Backstage- wardrobes and potential assistance

  • Advisible: two wardrobes, opened with key, for 40 people (15 and 25 people).
  • Indicating a place to put down instrument boxes (40 boxes- 4m2).
  • If a bandstand must be empty right after the concert- indicating a place to put instruments before they are packed- at least 40m2.
  • If possible:
    • assistance with carrying the instruments before and after the concert (if there is a long distance from the entrance to the building to the concert-room, there are long and narrow corridors etc.)
    • mineral water, flask with coffee and plastic cups.

Course of the concert

  • Performance of the orchestra is a concert with music intended to be listened to.
  • The orchestra do not play during revels, competitions or consumption.
  • Members of the orchestra cannot wait for the appearance at the bandstand (eq. during formal part of the event).
  • The performance cannot be separated (eg. with speeches).
  • The orchestra play pieces chosen by the conductor and in the order given by the conductor.
  • The conductor may invite soloists or bands to the concert.
  • The whole concert lasts 1 hour, without breaks.
  • Other duration of the concert is settled before arrival of the orchestra.
  • The duration of the concert may be shortened before it starts (after an agreement with the conductor). It cannot be shortened after it starts.
  • After agreement with organisators of the concert, the orchestra may invite several people (VIPs) to symbolic participation in the concert. Their performance does not require any musical preparation.
  • The concert is handled by the orchestra’s compere.
  • Giving information about the orchestra and performed music is not necessary- such information is presented by the compere during short breaks between music pieces.
  • After the concert, members of the orchestra leave the bandstand.

Ending of the concert

  • Carrying away instruments from bandstand to backstage lasts 5-15min, depending on size of the backstage and number of able-bodied.
  • Right after the concert members of the orchestra are involved in packing the instruments and carrying it to the coach.
  • Packing after the concert lasts about 1 hour.
  • Conditions of founding the orchestra’s Vita Activa concert
  • Covering organizational cost (including stay, accommodation, transport).
  • Other options: contract for work, donation, material sponsoring, honorarium- negotiable with the orchestra’s administration.


  • As far as possible, depending on free time- additional program of stay (meetings, sightseeing etc.)